Daniel is an experienced content and technical writer who has a firm grasp of writing concise copy and a flexible writing style that can be used to target any audience.

Not only does he understand the principles of writing for search engine optimisation, but also current trends that focus on propagating audience engagement through social shares and the effective use of social media. Through a combination of eye-catching and clickable titles and content that really strikes a chord with your targeted audience, you not only grab those initial readers, but make those readers work for you by sharing content with like minded friends, family and peers.

But none of this can be achieved without sufficient analysis, looking at both your own work and platform, and the wider online trends. Dan is able to look critically at what works and what does not, as well as identifying successes elsewhere on the web that can be tailored to fit his projects.

Working previously as a technical writer means he has been able to incorporate disciplines from that field into his writing style, focussing content to be always to the point, clear and no longer than it must be. This is an asset when writing targeting audiences like the ‘bored-at-work’ brigade.

Having worked with developers and designers, as well as interviewing bloggers and writers as a content marketing writer, he has no trouble finding information from the source and turning that raw data into something readers want to consume.